Tryouts! Tryouts!! Tryouts!!! (2019-2020)

Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by aginaz, Apr 5, 2019.

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    Thank you for posting all the links.
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    Could this be a start of a positive new trend in youth soccer in Arizona? I noticed that Classic and North Scottsdale Soccer Club are offering free tryouts. Classic has gone one step further in offering 2012 and 2013 players a free season. Perhaps clubs are slowly taking notice and addressing the pay to play system we currently have in America.
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    You are not getting rid of pay to play. Simply isn't going to happen.

    - you have to pay for coaches
    - pay for management/admin of the club
    - pay for fields
    - equipment and other misc expenses

    That all requires money.

    Not charging 7 and 8 yr olds doesn't change anything. Actually what they are doing is trying to get lots of 7 and 8 yr olds into their system so when they get older they club has more paying players. So it is designed to make the club more money.
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    RSL Yuma Club fees for 2019/20 are $150. This incl registration fees. The metro Phoenix registration fees alone are $350. The pay for play model can be broken down and rebuilt - it’s just the major players (clubs, coaches, US Soccer) are all sitting on a good thing so they have no incentive to restructure.
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    Point taken and it is a good one.
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    Could be another RSL takeover
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    Breakaway from Classic?? Looks like the guy, Jorge, coached at Classic for the last few years...
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    It’s some of the old Ahwatukee FC guys, Geoff Carr, Mexicott, Jorge...
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    With all these mergers recently, it looks like it hasn't stopped new clubs from forming.
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    AYSO UNITED is also valley wide formerly known as Challenge FC. Tryouts are free and the new uniforms look pretty nice not to mention there club fees are literally less than half of most clubs. Fees are about $800 for the year even for State level teams.
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