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Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by tjinaz, Jul 6, 2018.

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    You are so right about everything you have said. I have seen players who play in what is considered advanced leagues who can't play with both feet and struggle with fundamental things such as trapping, passing, and dribbling. Watching some of these players do a simple cone drill can be painful to watch yet they are considered advanced. Development is not what they care about. Only running fast or being tall is all that matters. Soccer is way more complicated than that and I just attribute this to being lazy or just being ignorant about recognizing skill sets of individual players.
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    Speaking of '05 ODP tryouts and Region 4 Championships... a close friend has an extremely talented '05 boy on the west side that is tall and fast, really the whole package. He made ODP and got cut in December, although he showed very well at 2nd tryouts. The coach did like him enough to tell the Alaska head coach who called looking for a local kid to fill in for their team to call him. Well, he just scored the game winning goal for Alaska today. Plays AZ tomorrow, should be interesting going up against the team that cut him.
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    That is awesome. You hear bad things about the politics of ODP but I see this as a feel good story. Was a bubble player coach made his call but did what he thought was right for the player. Hopefully it works out well for both sides.
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    Agree 100%.

    My son has had private trainers off and on since he was 8 years old. We were pushed though, he entered club at the age of 7 and the coach only cared about winning. The kids in his team had more experienced so he needed to catch up and he did. So, we hired coaches off and on until this year where the coach that was assigned to us was not a competitive coach for an APL team. I guess when a club has an ECNL team gives a heck about an APL team. So, now is 2 private classes a week and pray for him to be seen in a different club's tryout.

    Anyway, we hired a well prepared studied south American coach. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! I have started to think that I should ask for my money back. Privates are the best! this is my son's 7 year in soccer.
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    Few coaches care about player development and actually knows what they are doing. Ok, let's say only one, he was a license A coach and a heck of a coach.
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    And who might that be? Have been looking for a good private coach and have had no luck at all. Called that guy Noah who was discussed earlier and he has moved to California.
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    You can check out AZ Soccer Lab on Facebook or Serious Soccer by Petar Beralic.
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    ODP trouts in the middle of the day in August. ASA is always doing things right!

    9:00AM - 11:00AM (09/08/07 Boys & Girls)
    11:00AM - 1:00PM (06/05 Boys & Girls)
    1:00PM - 3:00PM (04/03 Boys & Girls)

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    Maybe someone at ASA needs to go out and play a game on a hot and humid pitch during mid-day with temperatures hovering around 110 degrees to see what it feels like. I guess it will take a tragedy to happen for them to reconsider this insane schedule. Early morning or late evening only! Playing competitive soccer at 1:00 PM during one of the hottest months of the year is insane.
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    Are these times a joke? Even last year the tryouts were early morning and late evening. This is terrible. Maybe it is because they already know who will make the pools. :eek:
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    ODP is a joke.
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    I wish it weren't the case but so much of whom they choose in many cases is based on decisions made prior to tryouts. The rest are filled with coaches selecting players from their own club to be able to post on social media how many players they put in the program.

    I am also familiar with a long time staff coach/head coach whom chose not to participate any longer as he no longer the feels the program fulfills it's purpose. Unfortunately for so many of us whom do not have geographical or financial ability to get their player involved with the clubs that do this or have ECNL/DA/DPL we just have to hope our kids impress someone enough there to be the exception instead of the rule.
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    I agree. But I will also throw ASA in there. They love those kick backs from the big clubs
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    Totally agree with you.
  18. This is a "Play In" weekend for Advanced Leagues so now ASA can schedule some of those game in the morning or at night...which of course we all know is crazy...can you imagine playing for two hours during that time for ODP, then having to play a game that night?
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    Ridiculous and I sincerely hope they realize they are risking the health and well-being of these kids!

    What a shame...
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    Don't show up. Then they will get the message really quick.

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