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    $500 may be low.. but at this age he does not need all the extra stuff.. I think it was $325 /- for registration and then we only bought the uniforms and practice shirts... he does not like the jackets or warmups..
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    So Apparently the deal is off... RSL and Classic no longer merging but are parting friends... awww.

    RSL-AZ and Classic have decided to not fully merge at this time. We will work as close partners to continue to grow the game in our great city and for our players. We have the upmost respect for Classic and their membership and look forward to our collaborations. But at this time Classic will not be part of RSL-AZ.
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    It's interesting... if you read through this thread (and I am not saying 100% of the time) and you read that thread that Dave_Bennett started it sounds like a lot of real issues in Arizona soccer! Dave was complaining about the coaches, winning mentality, etc (very loosely summarizing) and this thread is about ECNL and who can beat who.

    It sounds like Classic does some very good things, and has sent some kids to DA and ECNL. Probably the right thing to do according to Dave Bennett.
    If you look very quickly, you can see 05 Classic beat some ECNL teams in Las Vegas, and competed in Arizona. The other thing is, Classic does scrimmage most of the ECNL teams. I have a kid that trains at the same fields as Classic and I was told that some of the teams are always scrimmaging against ECNL here and in California. The 02s and 05s went on a trip to California and played LAFC, LA Galaxy, Slammers, etc. I am not sure when, but I was told that they try and do a lot of things like that and I was told they did very well.

    The Classic West side has gone to Dallas, FWR, Vegas and compete at a very high level as well. It doesn't matter if they came from Tuzos 2 years ago, a lot of their players are on the ECNL team now so it shows they promote and they develop.

    I like Dave Bennett post because he is right on, but it seems like parents pay good money and they "expect" certain things. From this thread, it sounds like parents and kids are attracted to winning teams or what is perceived a higher level (ECNL is California is a lot of 2nd teams). So if we are attracted to this what are clubs supposed to do? Soccer is a business so clubs do what they can do to attract customers. This is why Classic is so fun to watch. They started with 1 team, they pulled out of the RSL deal (I was told), they send the qualified kids and the kids who want to go to play at higher levels. they seem to do what they can to continue to develop and do the right things without all of the resources (rec program, 4 year old club, etc, etc). I am 100% positive they have their own issues like every other club, but it doesn't seem like soccer or on the field development is one of them.

    Where my son is at now, I would never bash them but we definitely don't have it together. I am definitely considering Classic because I am a nosey dad, but they train at the same fields I am at now and they definitely catch all the eyes from everyone (3 other clubs train at Pecos, and everyone grumbles the same stuff unfortunately).
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    They now have a FREE rec program (are they nuts) for 3-10 year-olds.

    Free training.
    Free games.
    Free Jersey.

    I say it again, are they nuts?!!! Lol.

    Someone is trying to corner the market in Ahwatukee/Tempe for the up and comers...
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    A bold move for the future or an act of desperation to get players? It is very hard to compete in the East Valley when you have a giant like RSL as your neighbor and having multiple clubs around you as well. Classic has lost some teams this year. They are shrinking and are looking to grow.
    Competing with:
    NSFC Strikers
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    Interesting. A competitive soccer club does something strange like offer free rec to kids and you can find a way to bash it and call it desperation? Wow. I say, well done Classic. Once again proving why RSL wanted this club and not the other way around. My son plays for an opposing club and the lack of respect Classic teams and players get is beyond me. I watched their west 06 team get beat in semi finals last season at Desert Super cup against brazzas and not by a score but by a tie they didn’t advance and instead of classic being all pissed and angry, what do they do? They clap for the brazzas team and parents, wished them good luck. Then the classic coach has the audacity to tell the brazzas coach that it’s always a pleasure playing them. Mind you, brazzas played their own Classic 06 team in the finals. It’s no wonder players wanna play for that club. But all you got out of it was, desperation. I usually agree with most of what you say but your off on this one.
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  7. Tiki-Taka-Freak

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    Easy, I was just posing it as a question dude. Are we not allowed to question on this forum? My are we sensitive! I am not bashing the club. I do not know the motive. Do you? I am stating reality. The East Valley has a ton of clubs competing to find players to play for them. I rattled off 9 clubs, all with fairly close proximity to one another. With all that competition how does a club motivate people to join them? Offer a free rec program! I know some families that had their kids play at Classic. I emphasize "HAD" because their respective teams dissolved and they had to look elsewhere. It is hard to grow when you have teams fall apart on you.
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    Just my opinion, but I like that they are offering this. At such a young age its tough to shell out the big club $$ for a kid that may end up not really wanting to pursue soccer after 1 season. I know if my kid wanted to play for Scottsdale Rising and I paid nearly $3K for 1 season and they ended up not wanting to play anymore, I'd be pretty disappointed.
    Maybe Classic is trying to break the pay to play model? That's my assumption and I'm hoping that's what somebody is finally trying to do. ;)
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    Classic is getting desperate. They lose many of their better teams as the kids get older. The 02 boys team majority of them don’t pay any fees. Many parents feel nickel and dimed over their fee structure. Poor communication from the top down.
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    Wingerdad - how do you know this? A friend of mine has a son on the 02s (just joined this year) and they said they have 3 02 teams all in State League or APL. I saw your post so I asked him and he said things are great because their fee structure includes everything - including uniforms and said the communication is maybe over the top because he gets club emails 3 to 4 times a week. His son came home with rollers, bands and all sorts of stuff that he had no idea they were getting. Maybe some don't like that, but it seems like the opposite of nickel and dime.
    I have been on the fence for years to join, but my son is average and comfortable where he is at but the more I read about free soccer, and I have seen no evidence they lost any good teams - it seems like it is easy to hate on them without any personal information. My son trained last year next to them and their staff I thought was great. I was just curious to what teams they lost and why they would be desperate when they backed out of the RSL deal? I have a feeling RSL is talking to my sons club now... ugh! lol
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    The classic west side teams are classic only by uniforms. They lost the 03 girls, majority of better players on 04 girls, 05 girls they lost two years ago and they also lost majority of better players on 07 girls.
    They backed out of the rsl deal because rsl would not go forward with the deal because of some due diligence matters to put it nicely.
  12. SpanishSoccerDad

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    I’m new here so forgive me, but you know this how? Because they are offering free rec? My son is RSL and there are few former classic parents that I talk with and not one has anything bad to say about classic. In fact from what I can see and hear is, they are a player producing club. RSL DA has at least 3 maybe 4, 2006 players that came from classic last season and I think maybe 1-2 that came from classic 2 years ago. Talking with one of the coaches, they offered a total of 8 DA spots to classic east/west 06 boy. 3 accepted from west with a fourth coming from classic in east valley. Two 06 boys left to Del sol DA. So of the classic 06 in general, 4 go DA and 4 declined at the 06 level, pretty dang good. Makes me wonder who these Classic 06 coaches are. Also listening to the gossip, the Classic 06 team already has a target on their back as being the team to beat. Not sure if that’s true but if it is, that doesn’t sound like they are desperate. I did some research on their 02’s and like said above, they have a few teams and it looks like they all compete. Sounds like they are doing fine. Quality over quantity I suppose. If anything, I’d say Classic has a great development system and then they get robbed by the bigger clubs. Our first year in club and I will be honest and say I should have done my homework instead of being sold.
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    Ok. I see. Unfortunately someone told you a story about the RSL deal. This isn't the place to bash deals like that but there was a lot more going on that. The guys at RSL said classic pulled out with hopes of doing something in the future but thats between them.
    Yes, 05 girls left but i understand that was an Ahwatukee team. 03 girls is a tough age at any club and I'd assume reallt difficult at a smaller club. 07 girls i cant say but i assume a lot of clubs lose a few players every year. I don't think that constitutes a failing club.

    My club has been around a lot longer and it seems like in 5 years they are doing good things. No business is easy to start and it looks like they are cleaning up, adding some quality coaches, tournaments, business people... all steps in a positive direction but it will never be perfect. My club doesn't have a tournament, high end staff, business people so im impressed being a business owner.
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    I have a question. What is the team count for Classic this year? How many teams are they fielding? Is it going up or down? I am thinking down. They are offering free stuff to get people in their system because no one is joining. Everyone says "oh Classic they are doing things over there... great program..." Then why are more people leaving than are joining? Looking at their list of coaches i count 29 teams. Now whether they actually have teams is another story but lets assume 29. How many teams did Awatukee Foothills SC have when Classic acquired them? At least 15 to 20 so.. in the 5 years have they really grown? By comparison Premier in the same area merged with Tempe Pros around the same time and has 38 teams and many in APL and ASL1
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  15. Tiki-Taka-Freak

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    Ding! Ding! Ding! I think you nailed it. I think their 06 and 02 boys are strong. Their 05 boys team is good, but they lost their 05-2nd team this year. I think they also lost their 03 boys team as well. There is a lot of talk about their 06 boys team because Ryan Purtell is the coach and the guy is awesome. It is hard to compete in an area where there are so many clubs. All it takes is for a few parents to get pissed or a few players to leave. Like a flock of birds, when one flies away others will follow decimating the team and forcing others to look elsewhere.
  16. SoccerDadAZ

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    The issue that some clubs like Classic are having is they are trying to compete against the larger clubs that offer much more to the top players (competing against better clubs, more visibility to college/professional coaches, competing with other top players in training day-to-day, etc.) while also competing against the smaller clubs that cater to kids that just want to play/just learning (playing with their schoolmates/neighborhood kids, more local, less expensive, etc.).
  17. Tiki-Taka-Freak

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    This is true and you you make a good point, BUT not everyone gets seen at a big club. Players get overlooked or missed for a whole host of reasons. Some belong on top teams, but shouldn't be there either. Small clubs do offer an avenue for players like that to prosper and compete with the very teams they were excluded from.
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  18. tjinaz

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    At a big club your kid is much more likely to play with others of their skill level. Having more than one or two teams per age group lets the club group them so if your kid is really good they will play against better quality where if they aren't they won't. The only advantage I see in a small club is if you have a player that is picking things up quick or is real athletic but not skilled. They can make a top team and grow quickly where at a big club they would be on a lower team longer. But then again.. they also stand a much higher chance of being embarrassed playing against much higher level opposing players when they aren't at that level yet.
  19. aginaz

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    There are pros and cons to both big clubs and small clubs. And each kid has things they can benefit from in both situations. At the end of the day, it comes down to which pros are more important to the development of your particular player at that point in time. This if different for every player and changes as they develop.

    There is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL which is what bothers me the most about US soccer's insistence on their methodology. I'm a fan of options and diversity.
  20. SoccerDadAZ

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    Generally, the small clubs' sweet spot is with younger age players (U12 and below) just developing and learning how to play the game. As players get older and the better players start to look for more competitive teams to play and to play against, to prepare possibly to play at college level or professionally, the bigger clubs have the advantage. Small clubs don't have the resources, money, and coach/club network to offer a very competitive platform for the better players. That's not to say that small clubs can't field teams to compete against the larger clubs at the older age groups, but the smaller clubs just won't have the opportunity to compete against them.

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