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Discussion in 'ECNL Forum' started by azsoccermom, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. azsoccermom

    azsoccermom Member

    Congratulations to the Phoenix Rising FC Youth 04B Burke and 03B Burke for both advancing to the ECNL/ENPL Boys National final 4.

    Both teams dominated their groups at the Western Regional playoffs and then won their knockout games, each beating Cal South to advance to the National final 4.

    Way to represent AZ and good luck to the boys in Nationals next week in Colorado.
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  2. dontsleep78

    dontsleep78 Active Member

    I am happy for both teams but AZ should win these events as they are generally playing 2nd teams at these other clubs. Both of these teams are basically DA teams in AZ.
  3. azsoccermom

    azsoccermom Member

    I agree with you in some respects. There are in general some "2nd" teams in that event, but there are also many good 1st teams. Over half of the country does not have a DA in their state (that can be an entire thread on its own) so many states like AZ put their best into these ECNL teams because that is the best choice they have in their state.

    Also, many of these ECNL teams in said states would handle many DA teams across the country. In the 03s the Pats "reserves" were in the final of the Western Regional for this event, that very same team lost 2-1 one month ago in the semis at Man City Cup to LA UFC DA who finished 5th in the South West DA. Also, some of these teams at this event had borrowed DA players.

    Slammers in the 03s are considered a top team in Cal South even with the DAs in the mix. Top Drawer Soccer has them 9th overall in a combined rankings of DAs and any other leagues, and they ran into a team from Napa that handled them and knocked them out.

    Many very good hispanic teams are stocked with DA caliber players and they prefer not to play DA. There were many of those type of teams at that event.

    In summary, your comments are correct but there is way more then meets the eye if you dig into it.
    Phx Rising has rumored to be applying for a full boys DA, they should have a good shot at getting it.
    If they get one of the final 2 MLS spots (there is a very good chance they get that) a DA is automatic at that point, and subsidized unlike the Barca pay 40k a year deal.
  4. dontsleep78

    dontsleep78 Active Member

    All good points but there is not another city the size of Phoenix metro without a DA. The first teams you mentioned are from generally much smaller metro areas. There are some ecnl teams that can compete with the DA for sure but generally the top 20 DA teams are Superior to any ECNL teams. I am not a DA Kool aid drinker as I have experienced the mess first hand. That being said for the most part the top 200 players are pulled out for DA in socal then the ECNL teams pick. If an AZ top team at a big club can't beat these teams AZ should be embarrassed. Also many of the best Hispanic players in socal play DA for free. I have also seen this for myself. As for MLS coming to PHX don't hold your breath, RSL was told by MLS that Phoenix was not going to be considered in the near think the comment was 8-10 years. Things can and do change but it is a long shot. For those that are wishing for DA in Phoenix all but 14 kids per team will be massively disappointed.
  5. dontsleep78

    dontsleep78 Active Member

    Wondering who told you they "have a very good chance"?
  6. azsoccermom

    azsoccermom Member

    I agree for the most part, there will definitely be some outlier ECNL teams that can hang and beat top 20 DAs but the strong MLS DAs overall have the better talent, it is what it is. Phoenix is very unique unfortunately in this case because like you said the size of the city and not having a DA, (which there is no explanation for) means that Phoenix boys can put together a top notch DA caliber team, case in point, the 04 BH showed very well when allowed into a DA bracket at a big tournament.

    I would not go as far as being embarrassed if a phx team cant win that Regional, as an example, there are National pool players on Slammers and they are not in a small area (Costa Mesa) while maybe a "smaller city", it is in the soccer hot bed of Cal South. One very unique dynamic in this tournament particularly in the u15 group was the u15 (03) DA kids who are not making the jump to the 1st team next season in 16/17 DA age group band where placed on many of the So Cal NPL flavors of their club in this tournament, i.e. Surf and Pats. This made them much more formidable.

    As for RSL AZ, its tough to get behind what they say, they were stringing kids along with a DA promise for weeks beyond tryouts and they would have known otherwise I am sure.

    As for Phoenix Rising, if they get a MLS, DA is an automatic no matter what RSL AZ tells people.

    There are articles out there stating that Phx is definitely in the running for the final 2 spots. Sac Rep is running into some issues in their bid and Rising has the billionaire that is needed. There is also first hand knowledge from insiders that the PHX bid is in a strong and serious position, there are local kids playing in the soccer community with owners of Rising on their teams and things get mentioned.

    Either way, bottom line is the DAs have the talent overall but there are outliers who can handle them be it Tuzos teams, Phx Rising, Sereno 03, Rising 04 is one of the top teams in the Country.

    MLS coming to Phoenix would be great for the valley, let's hope it happens, the pieces are in place. There was an article a few weeks ago in AZ Central, Rising is headed back to New York very soon to meet with MLS brass.
  7. dontsleep78

    dontsleep78 Active Member

    I hope Phoenix get the MLS, I just think it will take a while. Once the DA comes it will make the soccer scene even crazier especially if there is one that is free to participate.
  8. calmdown

    calmdown New Member

    I think a free DA will make the soccer scene in PHX (eventually) settle down and given time will allow some realism to settle in for clubs, coaches and parents.
    The kids ‘get it’ more then the aforementioned. They get that most of the time they play, there may be 3, 6, 15 better kids than them on the field. And they know exactly who those kids are. My son could list off 9 special players he has played against in the last number of years - and most if not all don’t come from the ‘big clubs’. And I wouldn’t say even 2 are on the same team.

    The parents often think their kid in the top tier or could be if they were played in a different position/team.

    The clubs/coaches currently give tepid ‘reviews’ of the kids abilities - keeping it all very vague with smatterings of development seen here and there - whereas what they need to do is be brutal and honest and give specifics on how to develop. We all spend too much money for anything less. I have seen way too many kids play club soccer for 4+, 5+, 6+ years that still cannot receive or pass a ball on the floor consistently. A kid can’t improve receiving only club coaching - doesn’t mean privates are necessary but it does mean that the family need to be told hard truths that they must work on touches and therefore puts lots of extra time in.

    A free DA will allow the cream of PHX to gather. These kids should in the main be scouted and less emphasis put on tryouts or the club they are at. If it is a free DA, then the work should go into the scouting, not on the DA’s expectation/hope that the best kids will tryout - they very often don’t for different reason. If scouted well, it will be clear to all, the gulf that (should) exist between the best 22 DA kids in an age group and the rest at club soccer. Once you see that gulf, you get it - just like the kids do.
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  9. Tiki-Taka-Freak

    Tiki-Taka-Freak Active Member

    Boy you nailed it right on. You are so right about clubs not emphasizing good skill sets. Club practices aren't enough, you have to do time outside the club if you truly want to get better. There are some wonderful private trainers out there. One told me that if clubs did their job, he would be out of business. It can be hard to watch at times when kids should have much better ball control after being so long with a club. Watching kids at the recent tryouts struggle doing the simplest of cone drills after being with that club for a few years tells you something is wrong. If privates cost too much, there are a bunch of videos online to help. The key is having the initiative to do it. Time is also an issue, with school, 3 day a week practices, and games on the weekend it could be hard to find the time to improve certain skill sets. It can be frustrating to watch practices and players not getting enough work on the ball and have time wasted when they could have been more productive. Time is a precious commodity. A good coach is so crucial to a player's development.
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  10. calmdown

    calmdown New Member

    I’m not sure where I see the defining line in what a club and club coach bring to the table vs what can be achieved by the kid putting in the time themself.
    I don’t think it’s a clubs job to ensure a kid has the basics least not past a certain age (although the coach should absolutely tell the parents/player asap what they need to work on and how best to do that in their own time...and not wait till review time to do this).
    I would guess most players on my kids teams spend very very little time outside of club soccer with the ball. This doesn’t happen anywhere else in the word. It is the reverse if anything. More time is spent playing with a ball by yourself, with a wall, or with friends and family, than in organized soccer.
    A club and coach is not the magic wand. God given talent, lots of time and effort to practice, and a ton of luck.....and sounds redundant but watching games really helps too - you can often see the kids that ‘get’ the game - not because of a fancy skill move but a smart pass, defense splitting run, or great positioning. At lot of that soccer intelligence IMO comes from watching games, not club coaching.
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  11. Tiki-Taka-Freak

    Tiki-Taka-Freak Active Member

    I agree with you. I mentioned coaching with the intent of being part of the equation. We were with a club where the coaches for the girls team was better than the boys. I would always ask myself when I would watch a session, "Why aren't we doing that?" There are so many factors that play into successful development of a player.
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  12. whatithink

    whatithink Active Member

    The tipping point for Cincinnati's successful bid was, from what I read, the confirmed agreement on their new ground. This was, apparently holding the MLS back from offering the slot sooner. They've started their next steps as this was lined up,

    From the AZ Central article you reference it seems to me that Rising are some way off that. When I read it, it seems that they have a design, some potential sites or maybe a ground share, in mind. None of that seems certain.

    To be honest, MLS would be nice for the Phoenix metro, but 3 or 4 DAs would be far more impactful to the soccer community in AZ. It can support that volume IMO. I can't see Rising filling a 20K+ stadium except maybe for some exceptional games. Even with major teams & US national teams coming to Phoenix, there's never the capacity crowds you'd expect from a metro area that has such a big soccer community, unless Mexico are playing …

    To that end the club Rising should have engaged with was probably Tuzos … and if they do get a DA, they should put it on the West side … IMO. Likelihood of that happening … never.
  13. Daenerys

    Daenerys New Member

    Would like some names and contact info for private trainers please anyone! I haven't had any luck with anyone so far. I agree Club soccer coaching is nowhere near enough to give your player the skills needed to compete at the highest levels.
  14. Soccer Dad

    Soccer Dad Active Member

    If you look under socccer scene on this forum their is a category for private training where people debate some trainers
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  15. Tiki-Taka-Freak

    Tiki-Taka-Freak Active Member

    Petar Beralic is the best in my opinion. He is close to Reach 11 on 7th Ave and Union Hills.
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  16. AZSoccer

    AZSoccer Active Member

    Great game today - PRFC vs AZ Arsenal - 00-01 girls game was a very hard fought match with PRFC pulling a 4-1 Victory. These two teams been battling in State league for years and this was their first ECNL match.


    PRFC Day...…

    06's Tie 1-1
    05's Tie 1-1
    04's Lost 4-1
    03's Tie 0-0
    02's Lost 2-1
    00/01 Won 4-1
  18. SoccerWatcher

    SoccerWatcher New Member

    So what's the deal with the SC Del Sol DA players moving to Phx Rising ECNL...
  19. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    Are you talking about 04 SC Del Sol DA players moving to Phx Rising ECNL? I think there was some discussion earlier on this forum that some players from the 04 team would be moving over.


    4 have moved already. One joined right after high school, then MC, and two others just this past week (one's actually an 05 playing up). It's going to be interesting.

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