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Discussion in 'Development Academy' started by yadayada, Oct 8, 2020.

  1. From the experience of those having gone through or going through the recruiting process, which of the big 4 clubs have the best connections/help the most for the kids in the recruiting process (boys and girls)?

    I agree with the comments that iron sharpens iron, so seeing how you stack up vs like/better competition that will likely play at a higher level is best, but have you guys found that certain clubs have different/better resources, connections, wisdom with regard to college/professional recruitment?
  2. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    I would give the slight nod now to SC del Sol over Royals. And Royals a slight nod over Arsenal.

    I was just looking through the 4.

    For awhile it was clearly del Sol. Over the past couple of years Royals has really caught up. Arsenal as well. For Rising it is too early to tell. They have not posted much for this year. I suspect they will be up there as well.

    Take Arsenal for example. Pre ECNL you say a lot of rather small colleges and JUCO for many of their players. Looking this year a Power 5 conference and then stuff like WAC, Mountain West, Big Sky.

    I think SO FAR this year (and there will be more signings later). del Sol has 4 Power 5 commits, Royals 2-3, Arsenal 1. After that you see these 3 placing a lot in GCU, NAU, Wyoming, UNM, NM State, etc type programs it seems at first glance in similar numbers.

    These 4 clubs since they have membership in the better leagues will do better than most other clubs.
  3. Rising will be an interesting case study over the next period of time. Del Sol, and to some degree Royals benefitted from having ECNL and DA before Rising and Arsenal got it. As the 24's and younger age out, will be interesting to see how these clubs do in the recruiting department. Was just curious if you guys had a sense of which clubs had better resources.
  4. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    I am not sure resources drives it.

    I think it is a combo of things. Who the clubs/coaches know, and the fact that colleges come watch
  5. Some coaches/coordinators, I would think, have certain connections with college coaches and recruiters. That's what I'm getting at with regard to resources. Do certain clubs have pipelines to certain schools because of relationships or reputation? Relationships have to play a role in recruiting.
  6. SoccerDadAZ

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    The obvious answer is most have some connections with college coaches and recruiters. But some have much more influence and many more connections. A quick phone call from a certain few club coaches will have a player on a college coaches' recruit radar, sight unseen. And college coaches will call a certain few others for an immediate need to be filled.
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    Not to beat a dead horse - ha. But yes, all have connections. Each club operates a bit differently in regards to how much they want the parents involved in the process. Some are inclusive, some don't want any parent interaction until it's time to talk financials.

    I know this is mainly focused on girls, but if you have a son, there are differences between the clubs. Rising probably has the best boys college program. They dedicate time and resources to all teams. They place boys across all their teams into college programs. RSL is pretty good as well. Don't know so much about Arsenal. Del Sol is not very good in placing boys, their focus is almost exclusively on the girls side - which they do very well. Del Sol's connections to top programs and the YNT community is very good.
  8. SoccerDadAZ

    SoccerDadAZ Active Member

    This dead horse is getting deader by the reply... but there are definitely differences in girls' recruiting but not so much on the boys' side. This is mainly due to the college economics. Girls are going to be in much bigger demand for college recruiting simply because of Title IX and more scholarship money. The soccer scholarship $ are much less on the boys' side. This means a lot more emphasis on academics and whether the family can better afford to bear the financial weight of college. Rising, RSL-AZ, Del Sol, all have connections in college and have all placed players in college programs. The clubs and their influence in boys college recruiting are more or less the same, IMHO.
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  9. Right, I understand the mechanics, was more looking for general opinions based on experiences if certain clubs have better connections. I guess you can see it play out in commits each cycle, but was just curiously looking for personal experiences and opinions.

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