How does college recruiting work?

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    I have a player who is class of 2022 and has gone to some ID camps this summer at different colleges. I do not know how this works and don't know who to ask so please somebody help! At one of the schools the coach acts like he is interested in her; told her she was the best player out there at the camp and asked for her contact info. He then saw her at another ID camp at a different school the next weekend. He asked her to text him and she did and then in the text he asked her to call him and she did. He has not met me or talked to me or her coach; only her; and she's 16. I was in the room when she was talking to him on the phone and it sounded like he was asking her questions one would be asked at a job interview so I get that he is trying to get to know her. But it seems like a job interview that is lasting for days and days with no end in sight. Of course she's super excited but I'm afraid of what will happen if he does not ask her to commit. Right now it seems like he's deciding what he wants to do. Now he wants her to come back to another ID camp so he can see her again. This involves her flying and $$ for plane fare and $$ for the ID camp again, probably all a total of at least $800. One of my questions is when do they pay. for her to come; he had mentioned official and unofficial visits to her but apparently she is still doing the unofficial visits. When do the official visits, where the college pays her way, start? And shouldn't he be talking to her parents and/or her coach instead of just her? Thanks to anyone for any advice or insight!
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    If you have time ... on the SoCal forum, there's an entire section on college recruiting. I've never read it mind ...

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    Having been thru the process, and the many conversations my daughter had with coaches ..... only one coach ever asked to talk to us (the parents). (And my Daughter is a D1 Athlete). Most only communicated with her. So had a lot of conversations thru out the process. Some after one phone call, my daughter had a clear, take that it was not going to be a good fit. (Style of play, culture, etc).

    As for ID camps..... I have my own views.... But before you even think about spending money.... Is it a school your daughter wants to attend, do they have what she wants to study and more important will they let her study it?? Only go to schools (id camps) who shows interest in your daughter, you have had several conversations and it's a school your daughter wants to go to. Going to a school's ID camp, in my opinion without any prior conversations with coaches, is not a good use of time and money. I'm not a big fan of these ID camps that have like a dozen schools there as there are no guarantees that the schools you want to be seen by will actually see enough of you to matter. (I've seen this first hand).

    As for paying for a trip, there are NCAA D1 rules around this. You can only have one official visit per school and I believe there is a limit on how many official visits you can have. But you might want to read updated NCAA D1 recurring rules, as these change each year.

    Women's soccer has one of the highest transfer rates of any sport. We (parents/daughters) are so eager to get an offer to play, they forget to make sure it's a fit with coaches, education, location, etc. The players I've talked to over the years who transferred after a year or two all have similar stories.

    Good Luck!
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