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Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by Tiki-Taka-Freak, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Tiki-Taka-Freak

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    Every kid should be MADE to play high school for one year? Even though many on this forum admit the quality is lower. Makes little sense to me.
  2. sweetsplat

    sweetsplat Active Member

    You don't know what you don't know. High school is the closest thing to college soccer. It is not that hard.

    My previous post on the subject should be pinned on this thread for you doubters to read after your kids 1st season of college soccer. Assuming your kid plays college soccer.
  3. Tiki-Taka-Freak

    Tiki-Taka-Freak Active Member

    Colleges tend to look at high level club players. It is not to say they don't look at high school as well, but their priorities are with clubs because the quality of play is higher. There is a reason why players that participate in DA don't play in high school.
  4. calmdown

    calmdown New Member

    And what do you think the reason is?

    From where I stand, DA soccer is PRIMARILY focused on scouting and training potential USWNT and USMNT players at whatever age group. They want to develop a homogenized type of player across the nation so that those kids when called upon can seamlessly dovetail in as they are (theoretically) all being taught the same curriculum at Club level. OK a bit simplified I know, but as my kids get older the level of soccer is just getting boring to watch - less and less 1v1, risk taking and creativity.

    HS soccer can mess their (DA’s) ‘product’ up - and by product I mean player. Risk of injuries is higher, either from poor levels of play or over training etc.

    What annoys me in this whole scenario is DA soccer is looking for the 0.002%, but is expecting Club soccer and all us schmucks to pay for it. I have seen a switch, where the focus is away from team and ALL player development, to now a few kids are highlighted for player development...with the view being that the rest with be replaced the following season.

    That is all well and good, if it is a free Academy. But if it is on my dime, then ALL players should be treated equitably. But DA soccer don’t care, cos they think they ‘own’ the player and can dictate whether a player should play in HS etc, even if they are likely to drop that player next season.
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  5. Desert Hound

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    Here is the thing. Parents and kids know the rules going in. If your kid wants to play HS soccer, you know going into DA you cannot. Pretty simple. If HS is that important to a kid or family, play on a non-DA team.

    If the parent or kid is well...the DA is the best out there in terms of competition and it will help me get into the college I want to play soccer at, then again you know the deal.

    Life is full of making choices.
  6. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    We all understand that DA doesn't allow players to play in High School. We all know that DA is looking for that next USWNT and WSMNT player. Everyone understands that parents/players have choices. Everyone knows there are multiple paths to play college soccer. We all know that you get recruited from your club team and it doesn't matter what league you play in (DA, ECNL, APL, etc).

    Sweetplat has a player currently playing college soccer. All Sweetplat is saying is that high school soccer is closest to the college soccer experience (Not DA, Not ECNL, etc).
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  7. whatithink

    whatithink Active Member

    I do think the DA cheerleading is pretty old at this point. This isn't SoCal where there are lots of DA & ECNL choices. There are 4 in the valley, with Arsenal being pretty extreme, location wise, for the majority of people. That leaves one elite team if you want HS and 2 elite teams that ban it, so less than 60 elite team spots. Realistically though you are competing for a smaller number of spots than that based on where your kid plays.

    The premise from @sweetsplat was that HS is far closer to the college experience than club soccer. My impression was that the comment had zero to do with quality of play or coaching etc., but was specific to the experience, and if our kid's intent is college ball, then experiencing HS ball would be beneficial to that.

    BTW, there's plenty of stories of boys who went to Casa Grande, played DA, got the college offer and promptly dumped DA, moved back to Phx and played HS - i.e. which is what they really wanted to do all along, with their buddies, for fun.

    It seems to me that US Soccer has lost sight, and "forced" parents to lose sight, of what it should be about. It seems to me that if your DD is good enough for an elite team, then that's great. If she also wants to play on her HS team with her friends etc., for fun, and experience that, then that shouldn't be an issue.

    - whatever, just like US Soccer not picking the best kids in the country but biasing their selection to DA - sometimes orgs make stupid choices, for stupid reasons.
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  8. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Active Member

    You didn't see me cheerlead regarding DA. I simply said you know what the rules are going in.
    I would guess that the majority that did move back wasn't so much the high school angle, but not liking living in the middle of nowhere 5 miles outside of Casa Grande. And so being able to go back to PHX and hang out with friends played probably the largest role. Just a guess.
    uS soccer does a lot of strange things. But you know the rules going in.

    My kid has done both ECNL and DA. There are things I like better about ECNL. I never understood why if the goal is to "develop" kids DA at the same time has restrictive sub rules. ECNL is far better in that regard. I prefer DA for not shutting down for at best marginal soccer in HS.
  9. whatithink

    whatithink Active Member

    I must be seeing things when I read your post and it seemed to say "the DA is the best out there in terms of competition". To me that's cheerleading.

    For the record, on the boys side, its certainly true. On the girls side, it just isn't. Several top clubs left GDA and went all in on ECNL at the end of last season. In any division on either side, you can see a clear delineation between a top half and a bottom half. Too many filler teams to make up leagues/divisions IMO, due to the GDA/ECNL split. It's a pity they can't get along and do regional playoffs (top 4 in each) and lead into national playoffs. That'll never happen though ...

    Both GDA & ECNL have pros/cons. I agree with you that the sub rule in DA is stupid and makes no sense developmentally.
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  10. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Active Member

    I said if the parent or kids says well DA is the best in terms of competition...and it will help me get into college...then they have a choice to make.

    As a matter of fact here is the quote. So if they think it is...then...
    And to your point about DA/ECNL better worse, whatever. It depends on what part of the country. In the SW it is probably the DA. In other regions ECNL is stronger.

    And yes..on the boys side DA is better vs ECNL.


    College coaches will find the talent. Example: Thanksgiving weekend. A lot of colleges will split up and one will do surf, the other does silverlakes. They might flip the follow day to get 2nd opinions about what they saw the day before. (Got this from a D1 college coach). They will watch ECNL, DA, and other players. Some girls will be found because their club coach has a relationship with the college coach and will ask them who they have to meet a need. Some girls will be found because they have taking the time to email the college coach about their interest in the school and provided them their schedule.

    The player has to put in the effort. One college coach told me that he can totally tell when a parent writes the email and not the player.
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  12. aginaz

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  13. FutbolFan

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  14. Tiki-Taka-Freak

    Tiki-Taka-Freak Active Member

  15. FutbolFan

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    On the boys' side, tonight's 6A Championship Game features Brophy vs. Chaparral, which is justifiable since they were the Top 2 teams all season. Both teams are loaded with club kids.

    Hamilton was a close 3rd and then there was a significant gap. Red Mountain made a good run to the semis as an overachiever but couldn't get past Brophy.

    Brophy is 11-0-1 with the only blemish being the tie versus Chaparral.

    Should be a great game.
  16. Chap Bartholomew

    Chap Bartholomew New Member

    DYK know what Clubs are represented with the Brophy team?
  17. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    6A Champions - Boys
    Brophy 2
    Chaparral 1

    6A Champions - Girls
    Chaparral 4
    Hamilton 0
  18. just4kicks

    just4kicks Member

    i see kids from del sol, rsl & phx rising
  19. 02dad

    02dad New Member

    Brophy had 2 players from SC del sol 01... 2 from Phoenix rising 01 ECNL 4 players from RSL ecnl...1 rsl 01 1 Tuzos 02 and then 3-4 from Scottsdale Premier 01

    if you want to understand why most of the boys like to play HS soccer.... watch the reaction after the score... the emotion and the crowd noise you wont find that at a club soccer game....


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