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Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by GKdad, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. GKdad

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    FC Arizona coming out saying they have started a youth club that will get ECNL right out of the gate. It would seem odd that a brand new club would get ECNL day one?

    Anyone have any insight here? Rebrand of another club or a series of mergers that haven't been anounced?
  2. Desert Hound

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    LA Breakers last yr was a brand new club that got ECNL.

    Here is my question. ECNL has not announced them as a club...yet.

    So false marketing? Or did they jump the gun and announce before ECNL makes it official?
  3. whatithink

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  4. In the announcement on FB, in the comments section, someone from the club replied to a question asking if they are really going to have ECNL/APL. They replied that they have APL and will be applying for ECNL this week. Those comments are now gone it appears.

    Update - they updated their website:

    2019 Tryouts are in May
    We are applying for Boys ECNL. We have APL, State Leagues, Port of Subs league
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  5. Desert Hound

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    Yep. They changed it to say they are applying for ECNL.

    Guess what?

    APL is application as well. And they (AZ) have not opened applications for APL next yr. So as of now they cannot have APL yet.

    I have no issue with new clubs, but let us make sure they are honest as to what they currently can offer.
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  7. steelerfeever

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    They are the 1st team coaches for FC Arizona, but they are also Club coaches for RSL. Wonder if they will stay coaching for RSL or switch to FC Arizona for Club coaching?
  8. RavenAZ

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  9. aginaz

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    This shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

    Yes, ALL those Sereno/Legacy/RSL coaches on the Pro side makes one wonder about the youth side and how much input they have on all things youth related....
  10. I would think that they fall under the "New Club Policy"?

    https://usys-assets.ae-admin.com/assets/979/15/AYSA NEW CLUB POLICIES AND PROCEDURES.pdf

    Bylaw 211. ADMISSION TO MEMBERSHIP Section 1. The Board of Directors shall follow the New Club Policy & Procedures to determine eligibility of an applicant to become a new Club/League within ASA. Section 2. Any organization approved under the applicable New Club Policy & Procedures shall field only developmental and recreational teams for the first two years. Said teams may not advance to State league during those two years.
  11. YouKnow

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    Has anyone confirmed with AYSA if they are a club?
  12. RavenAZ

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    How most get around this is to list your teams under another club and apply that way. NSFC did this with South Bank a few years ago. Then when they were established after the two (I thought they only did one) years, they applied under their own club. You could also take over or merge with an existing club.

    I'm calling it now... "RSL-AZ FC Arizona Youth", lol (yes, this is a joke).
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  13. Tiki-Taka-Freak

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    Be very careful. Jokes can turn into premonitions (lol).
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  14. aginaz

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    This is funny! Posted on the FC Arizona FB page:

    So, Shaffer, who is on the RSL-AZ DOC AND is also on the FC Arizona Pro Coaching Staff https://www.fcarizona.com/news_article/show/979209 ....is badmouthing the FC Arizona Youth "club".

    You can't write this stuff!


    Does this strong rebuke by Shaffer mean there is no connection to RSL on the youth side?
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  15. Jb30

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    Also on their FB page, it says that they are buying out a club that already has access to APL. And that they’re applying to boys and girls ECNL and will have that in 2020...
  16. Youtube guy

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    I’ve seen a few people question the validity of what they are saying, APL, ECNL, and they just delete those comments of people raising concerns. Doesn’t seem forthright. Seems like they aren’t being honest.
  17. GKdad

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    So if they are in fact buying out another club, let's play the guessing game as to whom they are buying out? I would gather someone based in the east valley, clearly not Arsenal after the whole ECNL debacle...
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  18. KickinKat

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    My guess is Phoenix Premier
  19. tjinaz

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    With the Classic and RSL merger off it may be Classic. They list Tempe Sports Complex as training ground so could be Brazas as well.
  20. Tiki-Taka-Freak

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    Time will tell.

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