Boys AZ teams at 2019 Man City Cup

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    Summary of boys results below:

    Full schedule and results:


    RSL AZ North 11 Vlad: 1W, 3L
    Yuma United 11: 2W, 2L

    (1st Group): None
    (2nd Group):
    Del Sol 2010: 0W, 4L

    (1st Group):
    CCV 09 Bynum: 1W, 3L

    (2nd group)
    PFRC Scottsdale 09 Jones: 1W, 2D, 1L. Lost in semifinals
    Del Sol 09: 1D, 3L
    RSL AZ North 09 Teoharovic: 2W, 1D, 1L

    (1st Group)
    Del Sol 08: 1W, 1D, 2L
    RSL AZ North 08 Diego: 1W, 3L

    (2nd group)
    PFRC Scottsdale 08 Jones: 1W, 2D, 1L

    (Super group-DA and International)
    RSL AZ 07 DA: 2W, 2D, 2L. Lost in quarterfinals. 7th place out of 16.

    (2nd group): None

    (3rd group)
    PFRC Scottsdale 07 Christie: 3W, 1L. Lost in semifinals
    RSL AZ Yuma 07 Guivera: 2D, 2L

    (Supergroup-DA and International)
    RSL AZ 06 DA: 4W, 2L. Silver Champions. 9th place out of 16

    (2nd group)
    Del Sol 06 Premier: 1W, 3L
    PRFC Scottsdale 06 Chapman: 1W, 1D, 2L

    (3rd group): None

    (4th group):
    RSL AZ Yuma 06 Perez: 2W, 1D, 1L. Lost in semifinals

    (International Supergroup-DA and International)
    RSL AZ: 1W, 1D, 4L

    (2nd group)
    Del Sol 05: 1W, 3L

    (3rd group)
    Del Sol 05 Premier: 1D, 3L

    (4th group)
    Renegades Man City 05: 4W, 1L. Champions

    (1st group)
    Del Sol 04: 1W, 1D, 2L
    PRFC Scottsdale 04 Jones: 1W, 1D, 2L

    (2nd group)
    Del Sol 04 Premier: 1W, 3L

    (1st group)
    Del Sol 03: 3D, 1L

    (2nd group): None

    2 groups: None

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