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    In many instances, tryouts by the letter league clubs are used to fill out their DPL/RL teams. Coaches have already been recruiting across the valley for the 1st teams, IDing players and inviting them to practices throughout the year. Those same players likley attend the tryouts but tryouts are just another opportunity to play with the team. There are times where a player is IDed at a tryout, but that's a less than usual occurrence.

    The RL teams across the age groups are target rich environments for recruiting. Parent's with good players on those teams eventually see the light and realize they aren't going to progress through the pipeline as promised. Clubs like rising are too geographically distributed and lack communication. Those blindspots can be exploited. Salty parents are eager to move. Clubs don't need to recruit in high numbers, just enough to establish depth in certain positions. Recruiting 2-3 players from Rising, Premier, and CCV is really all that is needed (as an example).

    Ideally RL/DPL teams are the pipeline, in reality it will hardly work in AZ. Parents always want to play on the top team and being told that their player needs a bit more development in order to get a call up isn't something parents want to hear. Some will do it, most won't.
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    Honestly those teams are simply not very good. They keep players that are slow but strong. Speed is the key for any team in SW ECNL conference. They try to have slow strong players shoot from outside the box but it gets picked up pretty quick tactically from the other teams. The big slow players become a liability for the team once they are exposed.

    This is completely true. We had girls move up from ECRL to ECNL and the coaches are like WOW.. that player is awesome how did we miss her? When they had player for ECRL for over a year and the ECNL coach didn't even look at the lower team. Seems like all the ECNL teams (other than Aresenal who look at APL at lower ages ) disregard the ECRL and DPL teams.
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    Yeah, the standings bracket is off by a few games on the ECNL page. If you click on the individual team, it will show you their actual record. I have a player on o7 Royals, they had a much tougher schedule and much tougher division. The Sonoran division is much weaker than the Mojave. Also with 9 teams vs 8. Only the first 2 teams in the Sonoran Division have winning records and a positive GD. 3rd place team (Rebels) has a -41 GD. If 07 Rising was in the Mojave division, they would be in 8th place. Royals severely underachieved. They tied Legends twice and lost to Koge Slammers by 1. There was a few games they should’ve won, like drawing with Arsenal and they gave one away against Rising. They played a great game, just couldn’t finish shots. They are tied for the 3rd most goals scored in the conference with 60 and have a +21 GD, compared to risings 33 goals and -7 GD. Ended the season strong beating Eagles and LAFC handily and winning 4 of their last 5, finishing 10-10-7. Interested to see how the new coach operates. I think this team is going to be very good next season.
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    The reality is the record of the Royals team is a reflection of who they are. They this year are a 7th place team in their division.

    You make excuses for ties, losses, etc. It is a long season. The better teams do not make those mistakes and as a result have parents make excuses as to why they finished 7th.

    Club wise across all age divisions, the relative strength of the divisions is pretty close.

    Next year your DDs team may indeed do better, and that is what makes it fun looking forward to the next year.
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    Parents certainly lose sight of things. Solid record in tough conference against deeper teams. Colleges are blind to win/losses if the team is competitive and there is talent to be scouted. The Royals 07s are in a great position, playing well against the best teams in SOCAL. Should more games have been won? Maybe, but not really that important. Teams will win games they shouldn't and lose games they shouldn't.

    Next year will be fun, anticipating the runup to 15 JUN. Coaches will be on the sideline taking notice. Stay healthy, take a well deserved summer break and get ready for next season. The #1 disadvantage for AZ teams is depth. Injuries, poaching, and loss of player interest can flip a season.
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    No one is making excuses. Don’t know where that came from. Just an analyzation as a coach, not as a parent. I simply pointed out that they underachieved and they are better than the record indicates. That is hardly making an excuse. I’m not here to argue, but the reality is, the competition is undeniably better in the Mojave division. Having to play each of those top teams 2x should be considered.
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    For the division that you say is weaker...your DDs team has 3 wins, 4 losses and a tie against.

    Overall over all age groups the division strength is fairly equal.

    There are only a small # of clubs that are consistently towards the top in all age groups/either division.

    Beach, Legends, Koge, and Surf. Those 4 are consistently in the top across their divisions in all age groups.
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    By the way you are kind of making excuses.

    9 vs 8 teams you bring up.
    You mention the team should get credit for in theory being in a tougher division, etc.

    In the end the team record is a reflection of what they were capable of this year. And that is 7th place in their division and a losing record vs the other division.

    Next year may be totally different in a better way. Every season has its unique challenges.

    I have seen teams that everyone says has talent and yet year after year doesn't put up any results. (Yes I know in terms of recruiting wins/losses make no difference). What I am referring to is if said talent can actually work together or if the coach can get them in the right direction.

    And I have seen teams with lesser talent put up better results year after year because they play as a team.

    It is all interesting.

    As your kid gets older you will find the parents talking less about records, etc. Each year it is less and less about that....and more and more about how is the DD developing and how goes the college quest. Don't get me wrong kids/parents want to beat certain teams, but the focus on records is not like it was in year 1 starting off in the ECNL. Once kids start driving themselves to practice there begins a noticeable change in focus on records.
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    Just enjoy the ride. Your DD is on a good team, playing tough competion and coming out the other end with good results. A positive GD and a 500 record in the SW conference is a good thing. Close games and an occasional win against the top teams is a good outcome.

    Manage injuries, player churn, and player engagement.
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    So now that playoffs are going on...we can see how the 2 divisions have done when it counts and vs the rest of the ECNL.

    Teams left in the playoffs.
    U13. Mohave 3. Sonora 1
    U14. Mohave 2. Sonora 2
    U15. Mohave 3. Sonora 2
    U16. Mohave 1. Sonora 3
    U17. Mohave 1. Sonora 2
    U18. The Finals match has a team from Sonora in it.

    Both sides of the SW division have done rather well in the Championship playoffs.
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    Does anyone remember the new site that took over for youth soccer rankings?
  12. tjinaz

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    while not nearly as extensive as youth soccer rankings does track the top girls ECNL teams

    For the playoffs .. which Arizona clubs were represented? I see Rising 07 and Royals 04 are there any others?

    Additionally... ECNL SW won championships in all age groups but one. That is the level of competition our teams face
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    So according to the Upper90 Rankings the Arizona Girls ECNL teams look like this.

    Pretty much as expected. Royals leading in all ages but one and the 06 age group very weak compared to peers. Upside is at younger ages we look promising.

    Scale is 1 to 123 (last)

    15 Utah Royals
    22 AZ Arsenal
    79 Phoenix Rising

    37 Phoenix Rising
    44 Utah Royals
    61 AZ Arsenal

    26 Utah Royals
    45 Phoenix Rising
    103 AZ Arsenal

    109 Utah Royals
    117 AZ Arsenal
    121 Phoenix Rising

    28 Utah Royals
    90 Phoenix Rising
    104 AZ Arsenal

    19 Utah Royals
    49 AZ Arsenal
    77 Phoenix Rising
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    Re: ECNL National Training Camp
    Does anybody know how they select the 120 girls that get to attend the camp? it is being held up in Portland starting tomorrow. Two different groups, an "Olders" group, mainly made up of 2004's/2005's. And a "Youngers" group mainly made up of 2006's/2007's. The odd thing, if I am looking at the rosters correctly, there are very few girls from the Southwest conference. Actually, in the Olders group there looks to be ONE girl from Heat FC and nobody else from the Southwest. What am I missing? Similar with the Youngers. A couple Heat girls, a Del Mar Sharks girl,... . How do you promote it as "the most elite girls identification even in the country"? I was initially going to see what AZ girls made the cut ;)
    Here's the link: Player ID – ECNL Girls ( )
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    They use to have regional events and would then chose the top players from those events to attend the the national event. When COVID hit a few years back, they changed the model and I believe they now now select the best players from the National Selection Games that are held at each ECNL event throughout the year. Definitely odd that no one from at least from SoCal were not chosen.
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    Not everyone that gets an invite accepts the offer. I know of an 07 Utah Royals player who was invited but, according to her parents, can't attend because school just started and she already committed to playing surf cup with her team. They said she's going to England next month with for training with various clubs and is missing too much school I guess. Not sure if other AZ girls were invited and declined but that could always be what happened with the Socal girls, especially considering a lot of them just finished up playing at nationals...maybe just needing a break, idk.
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    One of the Rising 06 girls got an invite but the family had already booked a family vacation out of the country.
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