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Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by aginaz, Jun 18, 2019.

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    Did they pull out or will the DPL team play in the 01/02 bracket?
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    It looks like FOUR teams are moving up from State League and there is only ONE returning team (Rising) and they finished in 5th place out of 6...

    Thunder, SC Del Sol, FC Tucson, CCV & RSL Yuma all gone.
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    They won’t get their FWRL spot if Tuzos 05 applies. That Tuzos/classic and now Olympia DA (who are they kidding with that name) was good. They lost their talent to RSL ECNL. The problem is, that team has never had a real coach. It’s always been a dad coach and they have survived off talent alone. They will steadily lose players because their inability to hire a good coach. I heard Classic tried to get them a solid coach but the “coach” and manager were paranoid that Classic was trying to steal their players. How can a club steal their own players? I know classic west has a solid 06 team that doesn’t play like the standard west side Hispanic teams do, wonder why that coach never coached that team? The other classic 05 team is now APL and this team is state league. I’m sorry to disagree but they will not clean up. They lost their goalie and a few other players to Tuzos. I think the fact that they bounce around every few years and no consistent coach demolished this team.
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    Also can someone explain to me how Rising 07 girls lost every game but yet keep their spot? I noticed a ton of ASL 1 boys teams get declined all together. In the 04 bracket, CCV came in dead last and they get moved down. Classic 04 west finished 9th in ASL1 and if you look at the scores, they didn’t get crushed but yet they get left out all together. I’m confused as how they figure a team that wins POSL can then move up to ASL1 or APL. If a team finishes last in APL they should drop to ASL1 and ASL1 to ASL2. Not have team drop from ASL1 to them completely out. These guys at ASA are clueless. Once again, politics in youth soccer screws kids.
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    The FWRL spots go to DelSol & Tuzos I thought as APL & State champions.

    They lost 6 players to RSL ECNL last season and still recruited enough talent to be competitive. Maybe the parents didn't want to pay for a coach and were or are perfectly happy with a Dad coach. It could be that they actually get it, i.e. the best kids will get poached to the best teams and you don't have to pay an arm & a leg in the interim. Maybe they look at the parents of the teams who are paying for the prof coaches and are thinking, "we beat most of you all the time & we pay peanuts - you guys are crazy".

    I'm sure they are recruiting for next season already. They know the talent on the west side. Just look at Tuzos who lost their top team (this one) 2 years ago and have just won state cup with a "new" team.
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    If you look at the numbers, Classic was the #16 team based on league rankings (7APL, 9th in ASL1). When they arbitrarily drop all leagues down to 6 teams and then auto-qualify winners of lower leagues there is very little wiggle room in with only 18 teams. Your BEST argument is the craziness with the POSOL winner moving up (Rush) when there were 29 teams above them! (7APL, 11ASL1, 11ASL2) That is just nuts!

    RSL Van Vleet (who finished above Classic) was also getting hosed but the "update" now has them in the play-in game. No idea how that RSL Southern AZ team they will face is.

    There are a lot of questions here.

    As far as that Rising 07 team, my understanding is that "no one else applied for APL". Lol. Why a team that had a -40 goal differential would want to stay in that league is another question....
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    And of course, ASA still hasn't completed all the age group (6 still missing) even by their own EXTENDED deadline of yesterday.

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    So U17 Girls gets APL, SL1, and SL2, but U18 Girls only gets APL & SL1? I know some of the 02 teams (like CCV) combined 02 and 01s but still seems like there are enough 02 teams to have SL2.
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    For the teams that got screwed, they can play in tournaments. There they can play against the teams they feel they can compete with. The politics of this whole thing is awful. Teams should be there based on merit and not on someone who is good friends with someone at ASA. Unfortunately this is the world we live in with youth sports. We just have to look at things in perspective that our kids get better and over time things like this eventually get ironed out.
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    Auto qualify is absolutely absurd given the move to 6 team divisions. For one thing, the quality of the competition last year in the top divisions in the open league was a lot lower with 28 teams in advanced leagues. A quick comparison of records over the full year against quality opponents reveals how silly it is for some of theses teams to move up and leave out teams in SL1 and some teams in SL2. Same basic logic applies for 2nd place in SL2 passing over some of the SL1 teams. The auto qualify for a 3rd team Presidents Cup is also puzzling given that’s such a small part of the season. Team records over the whole year, and even things like roster improvements, should matter more. I can understand the desire to reign in the number of teams in the advanced leagues, but cutting it in half in one year opens the door to a lot of problems, unfairness and hard feelings.,I would be astounded if the number of teams isn’t expanded as folks start to realize how odd some of the placements really are.
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    It’s amazing how many different ways this can get screwed up!!! What happened to keeping it simple... Asl1 10 teams bottom two got relegated Asl2 10 teams bottom two got relegated. Let the standings, meaning the kids hard work speak for itself. Competition is having a winner and a loser not the politics of the crest you represent judge what you can and cannot do. Great job once again, screwing the kids and competition over year in and year out
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    There must be some serious politicking going on with the U14 & U19 girls since those age groups have STILL not been released!

    I heard a rumor that Del Sol was trying to get their 2007 team bumped into an already crowded 2006 Girls field...and only their DA 2 team is showing up in 2007 (ASL1)....
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    The 07 SCDS DPL team did apply for 06 advanced league.
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