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    It looks like they will drop ALL APL, ASL1 & ASL2 divisions down to 6-teams only.

    Next year ASL2 goes away.

    Let the politicking begin!!!
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  4. aginaz

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    2018-2019 APL/ALS/ASL2 numbers:

    2007: 8-9-8
    2006: 6-10-10
    2005: 6-10-10
    2004: 7-11-11
    2003: 6-7-11
    2002: 6-10-6
    2001: 6-6-7

    2007: 7-8-7
    2006: 6-10-6
    2005: 6-6-12
    2004: 6-6-6
    2003: 6-7-10
    2002: 6-7-6
    2001: 6-7-0

    Looks like only the 2006 girls ASL1, 2005 girls ASL2 and 2003 girls ASL2 will be impacted the most on the girls' side but the boys' side will take a beating, 2004-2006 in particular.
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  5. whatithink

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    They should have 8-8-8 on the boys through 04 and then 7-7-7 thereafter. There is the depth from a # of teams and decent quality to support it. If these are the states top leagues, then they should be looking at ensuring more teams have opportunities rather than less. Its 14 games (or 12) in a season. The alternative 6-6-6 is 10 games ... what's the point.

    On the girls side, they should drop one of the SLs. There is not the depth, certainly from U14 up, maybe U12/U13 ... but even that's a stretch. I'd go with 8-8, 14 game seasons. Once you get below #16 in state on the girls side ...
  6. aginaz

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    That is well thought out and reasoned. No way they do that. :facepalm:

    Seriously, I agree but somehow I don't see them going back from last year's reduction to 10-game seasons. Even last year, in divisions of more than 6 teams and less than 10, that seemed unbalanced with not everyone playing the same schedules.

    I agree quality should matter over arbitrary numbers. Just as an example, 8 of the 9 top 2004 Boys' teams (based on 7 APL and Top 2 ASL1) advanced to the quarterfinals of State Cup. The exception being CCV (last in APL). I think it is fair to say, there are at least 8 solid 2004 teams and 6 will leave a couple teams out...
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    Where is all of this info coming from?
  8. aginaz

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    It's on a powerpoint that is floating around...
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  9. Tiki-Taka-Freak

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    Solution? Start another league called DA2 or ECNL2? (lol)
  10. aginaz

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    If you look at the applied teams, there are some DPL/"DA" teams hoping to play in APL next season.


    RSL-AZ 2006G DPL
    SC del Sol 07 DPL
    2005 RSL-AZ DPL
    2004 RSL AZ DPL
    2003 RSL AZ DPL
    2002/2001 RSL AZ DPL
    SC del Sol 01/02 Girls Academy II DPL

    SC del Sol 08 Pre-DA Boys
    SC del Sol 08 Pre-DA II Boys
    SC del Sol 07 Boys Academy II
    SC del Sol 06 Boys Academy II
    Barca Academy '05
    Barca Academy '04
    Barca Academy '04 Red
    Barca Academy '03
    Barca Academy '02
    Barca Academy '01
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    This is the automatic qualifier starting point given to the committees, no way is it the final product.
  14. aginaz

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    Obviously actual DA teams only play in DA leagues and events.

    Notice I put "DA" in quotes. It's kind of a joke. DPL has been referred to here as "DA lite" on occasion as well as "Pre-DA" teams.

    Yes, Del Sol DPL teams have been playing in State League for two years. Lol. Barca/RSL Academy has had teams playing in State League for a lot longer than that.

    Not sure which part of my comment offended you but sorry to offend your delicate sensibilities.
  15. aginaz

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    Some things never change...

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  18. SpanishSoccerDad

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    Which teams are you surprised about?
  19. whatithink

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    Rising top team is now ECNL, second team into APL?

    RSL has DA & ECNL teams, but still keeps an APL spot?

    DelSol has DA, keeps the APL spot but finished bottom last season (least surprised on this)?

    Surprised Tuzos didn't get a spot.

    Maybe most of the Rising & RSL players from APL last season didn't make their DA & ECNL teams - would make sense then.
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    Yep, RSL & Rising - you would think "roster continuity" would be a BIG problem - IF they really even care about that.
    Classic benefits greatly from Brazas & Arsenal not applying for APL.
    Surprised by Tuzos as well.

    SO, it's 3:45PM on 6/24 and we have a grand total of ONE group out of 16 posted!


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