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  1. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    There is some variation between ECNL and ECRL in the SW. However AZ, NV will be playing So Cal teams. FYI after this list came out we found out Rising was also going to be in.

    Arizona Arsenal
    Arsenal FC
    Beach FC
    Del Mar Sharks
    Eagles SC
    Heat FC
    LA Breakers
    LAFC Slammers
    Legends FC
    Real So Cal
    Rebels SC
    San Diego Surf
    Slammers FC
    So Cal Blues SC
    Strikers FC
    West Coast FC

    And you can compare the above ECRL clubs vs the ECNL SW clubs here.
  2. Robert

    Robert Member

    Where is RSL?
  3. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    That is the girls side. RSL doesn't do ECNL/ECRL on the girls side.
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  4. Futbol Talk

    Futbol Talk New Member

    Put this in another thread I was reading... probably a better question for this thread:

    Anyone know what happened to Barca MLS and Del Sol on the Boys U16 (2005) APL front? Not sure what "No" versus "Declined" designation means. This is a reversal because Del Sol was an AQ for the league, and Barca was in the play-in game set with RSL North, and both previously had "Yes" in the APL status.|01||aacc56302d1948b35def08d829a77c8e|010c392579b44a51b514f8b1590061ff|1|0|637305146653411501&sdata=Hg6/WWYU9er576zjFLCTi20dQhO1x3iXUotJ7OLA+wI=&reserved=0

    And it looks like all the older APL SCDS top teams now have "No" on the APL Accepted status.
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  5. Weekendwarrior

    Weekendwarrior New Member

    That will eliminate some play in games
  6. Azsoccerfann

    Azsoccerfann Member

    Those teams will be in the new MLS elite league.
  7. FutbolFan

    FutbolFan Member

    APL just took a substantial hit, strengthwise...
  8. al66

    al66 Active Member

    Del Sol got busted by the board trying to pull a fast one to get in to APL, the board was generous by giving Del Sol play in game to ASL2
  9. AZsoccefan

    AZsoccefan Member

    I'm kind of surprised by that. The Del Sol Academy II team last year was pretty good and finished second in APL2. If they felt they had a good enough team and were ambitious enough to compete in APL, I don't see why they should be "punished" - rather than just demoted.

    With some of the larger APL clubs (Top teams from PRFC, RSL N & S, CCV etc) being watered down due to defections to MLS/ECNL and the move to 11 v. 11, I think a strong team from ASL2 could reasonably make the case they deserve APL - Classic 08 (Olayo) is a good example since they apparently have most kids back, won ALS2 and were competitive in the top brackets of tournaments.

    Unless that DS team was passing themselves off as something they're not (ie, MLS or have an influx of superior talent), I don't think an ambitious team should be "punished" with a play in game to the same flight they finished 2nd in. Although, I trust the board members selecting and I'm sure there's probably more that we don't know.
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  10. FutbolFan

    FutbolFan Member

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  11. Mot Ozzi

    Mot Ozzi Member

  12. Pueblo15

    Pueblo15 Member

    They added an extra play in game for asl2 03’s makes zero sense anymore. What’s the point of having a committee if Derek yen is just going to make up whatever rules and decisions he wants.
  13. Pueblo15

    Pueblo15 Member

    Is barca academy also pulling all their teams out and going strictly mls?
  14. FutbolFan

    FutbolFan Member

    Barca only pulled their 05 MLS team. All the others remain.
  15. al66

    al66 Active Member

    Don't understand why Barca is wanting to go beat up on APL teams, insert rolling my eyes emoji
    Wonder if the parents who are paying lots of $$$$$ think?
  16. al66

    al66 Active Member

    More like, passing themselves off as something they're not and NOT having superior talent.
  17. SoccerDadAZ

    SoccerDadAZ Active Member

    Perhaps their top teams are not playing in the MLS.
  18. AZsoccefan

    AZsoccefan Member

    LOL. Makes sense then that they are where they are.
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  19. FutbolFan

    FutbolFan Member

    They most definitely are playing MLS. They always have 2nd teams and "non-DA" age group teams that play APL/ASL.
  20. LatinFC

    LatinFC New Member

    I've never seen these great Barca teams before. My kid has played some 06s and 07 teams in the past.... Beat them all pretty easily. I'm guessing the good teams are all U15 and older.

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