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Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by Cali, Apr 2, 2020.

  1. Cali

    Cali Member


    Has anyone see other clubs doing the same...
  2. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    I have not seen any clubs post tryout information yet. Interesting that the tryouts for the ECNL teams are invite only.
  3. tjinaz

    tjinaz Active Member

    Going to be interesting this year. The clubs all say "well there is limited time for tryouts, it has to happen all the same week" "We have no choice but to schedule at the same time." They force the kids to pick between attending one clubs tryouts or the other and limit the choices. This year we will have all summer so if they start stacking the tryout times and overlap same gender/year, they pretty much expose that lie. Arsenal seems to have thrown down the gauntlet and scheduled see if the others follow suit.
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  4. Tiki-Taka-Freak

    Tiki-Taka-Freak Active Member

    Totally agree! They don't want players wandering off to other clubs that's why they give us this line of BS.
  5. GKeeper

    GKeeper Member

    I believe they have the each age group tryout in one large pool so players do not have to attend multiple level/age tryouts (one for ECNL, one for non-ECNL). On the last day, they then split the levels and have an invite only tryout to choose final rosters.

    I believe this is how they did it last year too or something similar.
  6. GKeeper

    GKeeper Member

    Agreed. However, I know most of the ECNL and DA teams have already started securing their rosters and making offers, at least on the girls side.
  7. tjinaz

    tjinaz Active Member

    Yea most of those teams and DPL were decided on in February. They were only looking to fill a couple of spots.
  8. whatithink

    whatithink Active Member

    I thought that DA was the only program that could offer spots to players from other clubs before May 1. ASA even called it out on their latest announcement.

    So I assume you are referring to clubs offering spots internally to ECNL or DPL teams, is that correct?
  9. tjinaz

    tjinaz Active Member

    Neither DA nor ECNL nor DPL are under ASA control. Unless they play in a ASA run league. Most of the teams play in out of state leagues so don't fall under ASA rules. ASA being Arizona Soccer Association.
  10. whatithink

    whatithink Active Member

    I don’t think it’s that simple. RSL DPL teams, up to now, play in state leagues. ECNL have never had a tryout prior to May 1. There’s a reason for that.

    I think spots have been offered to players in the respective clubs for those two programs but that’s it.
  11. UpperV

    UpperV New Member

    I don’t think RSL DPL will play in ASA. The teams and parents hated it. Too many games. And they HAVE already offered spots to most players.
    Same with ECNL. Offering spots already without tryouts. But really no different than in the past. Spots were offered last year beginning in Feb/March.
  12. calmdown

    calmdown New Member

    I always thought ECNL could not offer spots until May 1st to players OUTSIDE of the club. Offering spots to players within the club is OK prior to that date. DPL, I thought were bound by same rules. Seem to recall that when DA started in AZ, it was made clear that THEY could reach out to players outside of the DA club mid season and offer spots - for current season or next. Why make that announcement if ECNL were already able to do it?

    It may have less to do with what league/association the team plays in, and more to do with non DA players being registered under ASA. DA players, I would assume, are not registered to play within ASA as they can ONLY play DA. ECNL and DPL players can play for other teams within the club if needed, and therefore would need to be registered within ASA.
  13. tjinaz

    tjinaz Active Member

    That makes sense and only way to be fair to those clubs in ASA. But.. I would imagine it still happens. Kids may not get "official" offers prior to May, but the ECNL/DA/DPL coaches have expressed interest and the player just keeps the offer quiet until the deadline. Also probably a good idea to keep a couple of slots open in case an unexpected player shows up in the tryouts or is looking to make a move.

    Well looks like everyone is stacking the week of May 3-9. This may change due to Corona but that is what everyone is publishing.
  14. GKeeper

    GKeeper Member

    Not exactly. DA clubs are for sure sending out official invites. ECNL clubs, both internally and externally, are leveraging online forms and asking for commitments. My DD has been asked to commit by all four DA/ECNL clubs, so we have the knowledge first hand.

    I have to imagine the process is going to be different this year due to the the pandemic in terms of the May 1st "rule".
  15. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    Parents are the worst the month or two before tryouts. At least now the coaches don't need to deal with that.
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  16. whatithink

    whatithink Active Member

    :) parents? The poor precious coaches, who are always so up front and honest with their players (& parents). Heaven forbid they could ever be the root cause of any drama.
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  17. tjinaz

    tjinaz Active Member

    If they have to push tryouts back some clubs are going to be in real trouble. They count on the first big influx of cash for club dues right after that. No tryouts, No assigned teams, No registrations, No cash. Even the DA/DPL/ECNL players might not pay until they get the benefit of Club training after the restrictions are lifted.

    If Gov extends the restriction past April 30 this could get ugly real fast. Anyone think they might try to do sessions with 10 or less just to get this going or would the families balk at the exposure?
  18. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    I think as soon as coaches can practice with their players they will, even if it means having 10 players or less at a training session. Clubs will want to get those registrations fees and uniforms ordered. The earliest players will get back on the field will be May or June (being optimistic) so it will most likely be with the new team for next year. There will probably not be a lot of player turnover on teams this year.
  19. singh

    singh New Member

    Yeah I don’t see how people will be able to moveup or out. i suspect as someone said that clubs will basically keep all teams the same with a few exceptions. It’s messed up for kids who improved but unfortunately “it is what it is”
  20. Carlito

    Carlito New Member

    I am an Arsenal parent with two kids in their program. I got the same info but i work with a Thunder parent who has been told they can register and pay already with a 10% discount. Also, that nobody is being refunded for the last month plus of the season that was paid for but not delivered. We are looking to continue with Arsenal, both kids are happy so would happily register without a tryout.

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