2020-2021 season

Discussion in '2006' started by singh, Jul 13, 2020.

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    Seems deadline to apply is 7/31
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    I posted the same information in the main thread...

    My predictions:

    1. Tucson. Haven’t seen them play but the record is great. Automatic qualifier. Will take someone’s word for it about the keep being a beast. Plus best team out of Tucson,
    2. Premier Black: Great record last year and now coached by Ramiz...
    3. Premier NW: Upgraded keeper on an already formidable team

    Watch out for: Kenton (PRFC). I am a prfc dad (not this team), and have seen this coach work with his kids. He is new to Phoenix but has a really good track record in Iowa (I believe it was Iowa). His coaching style is engaging and he gets into it. The girls respond well to him. Some additions here, and some subtractions. I believe the subtractions and additions were more about fit than talent. This team was heavy on the defense on holding kids last year. I believe they tried to balance it out.

    1. Teal..Love the speed of this team. Some of their players last season should have been ECNL players.
    2, Sylvestre. Honestly teams one and two here could easily flip flop.
    3. Gwinnet
    Watch out for Excel. They have this young lady at center forward who is so talented...I believe her initials are SC, she singled handedly destroyed our team last year and when they get up coach moves her back to center back and she kicks butt there ass well. They did lose their keeper, so that’s a potential weakness (no idea who the new one is and what skill level is etc)

    1.Excel if they don’t get into ASL1
    2.Prfc (i am biased)
    3. Soutar

    Watch out for Not sure here.

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