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    The top four teams are very good on an Arizona scale. RSL is the first team to beat Tuzos this season. Phoenix Rising made the finals of the international bracket at the Mayors Cup. It will be interesting to see if any of these four teams can win in a top bracket at the Manchester City cup end of season.
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    2009 boys update:

    RSL and Phoenix Rising first teams played a friendly this evening. 2-2 tie. RSL has a few very technical players. Phoenix Rising has a bit more speed.

    There are two 1st division brackets for the fall season . Phoenix Rising went 6-0 and RSL went 5-0-1 in their brackets respectively .

    Tuzos beat CCV 1-0 in league play last week.

    looks like the top state bracket for the spring 2009 boys will be : RSL , Rising , Tuzos, CCV, Arsenal. With RSL having 2 representing teams.
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    Completely agree with Aspen, and thanks for starting the 09 discussion. I've seen all 4 of those top teams play in person more than once. Tuzos Academy '09 has beat THREE top 10 '08 teams in 2019 as well (Arsenal Pre-ECNL 08, Tuzos Academy 08, and Tuzos Edwin '08. They can flat out play.

    Del Sol '09 surprisingly pretty weak - they are strong at every age group.
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    Yes Del Sol has not developed yet. It will be interesting to see if they can lure some boys over with a DA offer. Seems to me they will need to hand out a few scholarships when that time comes. Although it’s nice to see where the 2009 age group is at without DA or ECNL.

    Yes Tuzos 2009 is a very quality team. They compete with the best teams in California. I will say that they have dominated with direct play and aggression. They are lethal with long shots and set pieces. Every month the gap is narrowed as other teams learn to combat these approaches .

    CCV has a couple players who produce goals . They are for sure a challenge for just about any 2009 team.

    RSL is an interesting team . I expect them to keep heading in an upward swing. If they add a high speed wing or striker to compliment their technical play in the midfield they will put up goals on the best 2009 teams.

    Phoenix Rising really came out of nowhere since the start of this season. They added three players and added a lot of aggression . They move fast down the wings and on counter attacks . Their defense is very stiff. It seems like each month I’ve watched them they improve a lot.

    Arsenal, RSL -south , and TUCSON Renegades are solid teams . So is Phoenix Rising Glendale . I would place them along with Del Sol FC Tucson and RSL YUMA in the second tier of quality teams .

    I’m sure I’m missing a couple . But from a neutral standpoint this is a four horse race at the moment . RSL- north, Tuzos, Rising scottsdale, CCV
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    Super bummed we didn't get to watch that Rising vs RSL game, sounded like a nail-biter. My son played with that top RSL team for 4 years and it is a pretty good team, they have a lot of the same boys and few new ones this year. They were missing their goalie, and 2 of their faster physical players that typically play defense but can play wing as well. Regardless, what I heard from the parents was Rising just wanted it more.

    With that said, I was still very surprised by the score considering we beat them by 7 or 8 goals on two separate occasions last season. Good for Rising though, sounds like they picked up some strong new players and they are playing well together. It will be interesting to see the next time they meet when RSL has their full bench. I agree with Aspen, this is a four horse race between those 4 mentioned above, all very good teams.
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    Desert Super Cup this weekend has 3 of the top 4 '09 teams in it. Teoharavic playing up in the '08 Gold Bracket though, like the confidence. They'll play some tough teams. Tuzos Academy '09 and CCV Shaun '09 drew the same bracket, hate when tournament directors don't put the clear favorites on opposite sides. Do a little research SMH!
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    Desert super cup: I think RSL will hold their own in the top 08 bracket. They will be lacking in speed . It might be difficult for them to produce enough goals to keep pace. Looks like the TFA team coming in from Cali will end up playing Tuzos or CCV in the final . My guess is Tuzos over TFA in the final 4-2 .
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    Teoharavic '09 went 0-3 in the Gold Bracket playing up against higher caliber 2008 teams. Lost 2-3 to Calcio Blue 2008. Lost 3-5 to Classic Olayo 2008. And were shutout against a very good Calcio Black 2008 team.

    In the 2009 age group, Tuzos Academy '09 got pummeled by the visiting Paso Del Norte Texas team. I watched most of it, they had to have been missing 4-5 starters. I think CCV '09 may win it, would be a great Championship for them.
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    Too bad RSL north didn’t play in the 2009 bracket with Phx Rising. Would have made for a better tournament .

    Tuzos with a complete roster would not lose to Paso Del Norte . When have they ever given up 5 goals? Not even to 2008 or out of state teams with a 30.0 or better score. Tuzos did win Friday against TFA??? How do they win against TFA and then the following day get rocked by a lower team? Obviously something was amiss . Either half the team has the flu or they started their second team on Saturday. Wish someone had inside information as to why Tuzos is having such fluctuations in quality the last couple months . What Tuzos team will show up from one game to the next ? How much longer will Tuzos be considered the best 2009 boys team in AZ? Their days seem to be numbered
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    Looks like Paso Del Norte brought a new academy team to the tournament . Big difference between a 27.0 team and a 30.0 team. I still wouldn’t put much weight on this tournament . I’m guessing the holidays forced most teams to switch up their rosters.
  11. mbappe

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    CCV had a good tourney would like to see them, Rising Jones 09 and Teoharavic 09 go at it. Likely in league play Spring season. Sent you a DM.

    oh and that Paso team brought drums and sang the whole game, never seen that before. LOL
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    Wow . Most clubs in AZ don’t allow parents to have fun at the games. Drums and singing would promote the idea that people actually care about winning . Can’t have that in this day and age.

    The RSL holiday classic would be a great opportunity to see a bunch of great matchups all in one weekend . However , whoever schedules the tournaments are fools. RSL-North is playing in the 2008 bracket. No one wants to see them play 2008 teams. It means nothing for the age group. Dumb. In the top 2009 bracket you have 4 teams with any potential of winning the bracket. CCV, Rising, RSL-South and Arsenal. The other two teams in the bracket are Tuzos Phx and FC Tucson. The games are scheduled to give CCV , Rising , and RSL a clear advantage . Each of those three play Arsenal , Tuzos PHX , and FC Tucson. They do not play one another . What happens if Rising , RSL, and CCV all go 3-0? There are no semi-finals games . Only a final. So if those three go undefeated then one is left out of the championship while not losing a game . Instead, If the top four teams all made a semifinal this issue would be avoided and we would see the best games against the best teams . Fools
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    I am NOT a fan of 6 team Groups having a “crossover” set up. Just stick to the normal semi final then final set up. Now the Finals will be determined by which of those two teams beats the other side the worst.

    RSL Teoharavic 09 very likely requested to play up again and since it’s their tourney... Problem is there are more deserving ‘08 teams to play in the Top Flight than them. They just went 0-3 last weekend in the Top Flight.
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    I think RSL will find a way to win one of their games in the 08 bracket . It would be great for the 09 division if they could show well.

    In the gold division 2009, I believe CCV will play Rising in the final if the bracket design doesn’t throw the tournament for a curve . It’s really a toss up who wins between the two. I’m going to say Rising keep rising up the ranks.

    The silver bracket is actually pretty interesting . There are a few teams who could win that bracket . Calcio and Sandsharks both have some quality players . On the other side of the bracket one would assume that Del Sol run away with it. However, Amore soccer is an interesting club. They seem to be improving and could give Del Sol a run for their money . Amore will continue to improve if they don’t lose players to larger clubs . They practice 5 days a week on a private field . The field is not full size but the facility and the coaching is the best you will find . I would compare it to attending Harvard to play college football instead of Alabama. The team might not be the best in the state, but the quality is unmatched . I would really like to see them make the finals in their division . However , I’m going to guess that Calcio plays Del Sol with Del Sol winning the silver division .
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    Teoharavic '09 will likely go 0-3 again. Calcio Black '08 dominated them 2 weekends ago. The Tucson Black '08 team is VERY tough. Phoenix Rising Christie is their only chance and I still think they lose 3-1 or 2-0. That is going to be one interesting Top Flight to watch. I'll have to look up that Amore Club you're, good for them doing it right.
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    Was the Teoharavic '09 team complete during Super Cup tourney? Not sure if any of his players were participating in the DA GA Cup in Atlanta that weekend.
  17. mbappe

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    Good question. Yes, it was the Desert Super Cup. No, this particular team was 2009 boys playing up in the 2008 division. RSL did send a 2008 team to the DA GA Cup and they did win the Affiliate division, but different kids. Very impressive win though.
  18. steelerfeever

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    Love Coach Gene at Amore! He's really building something cool over there. My kid even attended an Eddie Johnson camp there over the summer. It's too far to drive for us west siders on a regular basis but I agree, his grassroots approach and focus on development over wins is something to be admired. His teams are much better this year as a result.

    I think you're spot on that in the Silver bracket it's Del Sol '09 vs Calcio Blue '09 in the Championship. Calcio Blue '09 is a Top 4 team when they bring their stud '09 Keeper and two stud '09 players that start for their two Top 10 2008 teams. Guessing Del Sol '09 picks up a bunch of top '09 kids next year during tryouts.
  19. Aspen1369

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    Del Sol might have to wait two years before they attract 5-6 new players . There is still no DA next season for the 2009 age group. In two years they won’t just be competing with RSL for DA level players. Phoenix Rising will be adding DA teams for u-13 and u-14 . Word on the street is it’s almost a certainty Rising add DA within two years. RSL will be fine regardless of a Rising DA program . Del Sol might fall to the bottom of the DA pack when Rising join.

    For Calcio i think it’s tough on a team when you keep removing and reinserting the best three players. I’m sure when they are not playing with the 2009 team that the 09 team really loses confidence . It forces the team to think in the mentality that three players make or break the team, instead of the entire unit . I like to see the teams who are consistently at the top and roster 13+ boys for a 9 v 9 side . The teams who are deep throughout a large roster usually keep getting better year after year.
  20. steelerfeever

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    I think your Rising/RSL DA argument over Del Sol holds a lot of water in the next few seasons. The Calcio 2009 kids that play up rarely play down with the 2009 team... they are all playing at a high level for the 2008 age group.

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