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  1. LatinFC

    LatinFC Member

    Haven't been on here in awhile. Has anyone been paying attention to the 07b ECNL/MLS teams this season. Doesn't seem to be as much talent as the the last couple seasons. Are they better players not interested in playing at those teams? Maybe because of the cost. They don't seem to matchup against any of the cali teams.
  2. singh

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    I don’t know anything about this age group but it could be the same problem that is plaguing some of the girls….dilution of talent?
  3. tigres619

    tigres619 New Member

    I know Del Sol is not as strong as past year. They lose a few very good players to the other teams. RSL is also weaker this year also they lose players. I don't know about Phx Risin.
  4. FootFairy

    FootFairy New Member

    The AZ boys ECNL teams are not fairing very well either. 9 Teams in the south division.
    Phx Rising 3-5-1 6th place
    AZ Arsenal 2-6-0 8th place
    FC Tucson 0-10-0 9th place
  5. Robert

    Robert Active Member

    Rising 07 went toe to toe with LAFC a couple weeks back and lost only 1-0 when the other teams were getting their shin guards handed to them. We have a ways to go but it looks promising!
  6. Revup06

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    Congratulations to Surf Cup Champions Coach Jimmy and his RSLAZ 07 boys!

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